Armagnac – Saffron – Leather Candle

Armagnac – Saffron – Leather Candle

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By Cicerie De Gascogne, 100% natural vegetable wax, they are cast by hand by craftsmen. Their wick is cotton. The combustion is of excellent quality and the diffusion of the fragrance is slow & balanced.

The vines begins to lose their leaves, the grape harvest were abundant. The pigeons have finished their migration and the clear view of the Pyrenees announces the arrival of fine rain which will awaken the odours of the undergrowth, mushrooms, cellars in which we distill the centenary elixir: Armagnac.

Open the door of the cellar, see the fire of the alambic and breathe in the vapors of alcohol which mixe with those of the boiling pot while waiting for the tables of convivial who will come to taste the precious Nectar.

The selected essences are warm, sweet & spicy, they awaken the taste buds and soften rainy days.